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Jul 15, 2012 6:30pm EDT
is playing in the u.s. senior open this week is damon green. a very accomplished player. he is in his early 50s. >> troy matteson trying to win for the third time on the pga tour. he has already punched his ticket for the open championship. he will be in the field for the first time next week. >> i can tell you that i just looked it up. damon finished tied for 17th in the tournament this week in the senior event. that is a very good finish. >> u.s. senior open. it was a big one. >> well, to be honest there is not much to choose from. zach has a slightly easier angle coming across the water. he has an even, level lie. ball line is clean. 194 yards. >> i would suggest a good, solid 6-iron with draw into the right side of the green, david. >> yeah. the center of the green as he looks at it. that is a good looking shot. needs to kick to the left. >> beautiful. spectacular shot. >> my goodness, what a shot. >> he does not know how close that is. >> truly remarkable. >> that was 6-iron. unbelievable. now the pressure is on. troy knows he must make bird tow stay in the playoff. 7-iron from 190. >>
Jul 29, 2012 6:30pm EDT
. >>> this is 9news now. >>> hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. police are searching for the killer of an arlington jewelry store killer. they haven't could be firmed the victim's name, but the family has. tommy wong died in an armed robbery in the 3200-block of columbia pike. surae chinn talks to the owner. >> reporter: tommy's family says he's been a jeweller for most of his life. they said his dad usually comes home late, usually around 10:30, but when he didn't come home, they called police. >> i don't know why they didn't take what they needed and leave my dada lone. they could have just taken what he needed. he didn't have to take his life too. >> reporter: vivian wong talked to her father. >> earlier that day he called me around 1:00. everything was fine. >> reporter: that was just three hours before police say someone walked in and killed her father in an armed robbery. >> what more is there to say. [ crying ] >> reporter: the jewelry store had been locked for hours until police came and broke the glass door to get in. >> they wouldn't let us g
Jul 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
was covered with a tarp, before workers used jackhammers and a forklift to remove it from its foundation and put it in the storage. >> this is a travesty. i see why there's a lot of problems surrounding the statue. >> reporter: on monday morning, the hammer will come down on the university as they will hit the school with what they have learned that will be unprecedented penalty. what's off the table i'm told now is the so-called death penalty. so they won't have their football program suspended for a year, but when these sanctions are all said and done, penn state is going to wish that they had the death penalty. that's how severe and punitive i'm told they are going to be. >> reporter: a report found that the late head football coach and other school officials covered up child sex abuse allegations. >> as penn state fans and students watched the removal of the statue, some hope that the ncaa would go easier on the school. paterno dieded six months ago. his name will be kept on the library because it shows the academic life at penn state. cbs news. >> the paterno family issued a stateme
Jul 1, 2012 6:30pm EDT
that i have ever seen. jim: never forget it, david. nick: yeah. jim: staff sergeant with the u.s. marine corps. u.s. navy. nick: for me this is almost once tiger announced earlier in the week he felt really well prepared. you know, i think once you kind of -- in a sublimnal way say i am super fit. i can handle 100 degree weather. just worked his way through the field. jim: watch him start to walk after it. nick: rip your right shoulder through it. keep it down. watch it just release over. absolutely perfect. >> he absolutely rifled that like no other. >> yeah. nick: he is enjoying belting the short iron this is week. >> yeah. and a great job from his caddie. if he does not catch that perfectly he is in 3-putt territory. jim: it is interesting watch that relationship really come along this season, david. have you noticed that? >> yes. jim: they seem to work together now. obviously there will be a little bit of a process where you need some tournaments. but now they are really in rhythm together on this. >> that is an important part of caddying. knowing when to step in and step out. speak
Jul 8, 2012 6:30pm EDT
ted potter jr. is 218 in the world. troy kelly is 464. >> you drove in right behind us. >> sunday night around midnight. >> we stopped two towns -- it was maybe 40 or 50 miles. we stopped in there. >> we weren't planning on driving all the way over. ian: very friendly discussion. both players over 300 yards. jim: john huh, 296 in the world when he won earlier this year. rookie on tour. ben curtis at royal st. georges, number 396. ian: that's right. first time ever in an open or a major. jim: and look what we have here today. it's amazing to think how much is riding on it for each of them. ian: it's amazing that ted potter has missed six of his last seven cuts coming in here and has performed like an established player. very calm, seemingly. nick: i mentioned last night when he came to the tower. remember that amazing run that bill rogers had. he missed five or six cuts before we won at hilton head, went on to win the open championship and then won everything that year. ian: tied for 69 in his last seven starts. peter: there has to be some comfort in knowing they're playing a fell
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5